Effective job advertisement – how to interest a potential employee to submit a CV?

We always start looking for an employee by creating and publishing an advertisement. Regardless of the place where we publish the offer, the content is to draw the attention of the candidate. You can even say that by placing a job advertisement, we become a seller; we want to show the company from the good side and get the best employee possible. How to interest a potential employee to submit a CV? Check what you need to do to make your job advertisement effective.

What mistakes are often made in job advertisements?

Many job advertisements are “overloaded” with content and requirements that are completely unnecessary for a given profession. If you are looking for a grocery store, for example, do not require knowledge of foreign languages, unless the specificity of a job really requires such skills (a shop located near tourist attractions often visited by foreigners).

What should be included in the job advertisement?

Before we reveal some really effective advice, in order to interest a potential employee to submit a CV, check the basic and necessary elements that must be included in the job offer:

  • Company description – describe succinctly what your company does.
  • Presentation of the job – write who you are looking for and what skills the candidate should have.
  • Responsibilities – explain exactly what the employee in the chosen position should deal with.
  • Working conditions – place of work, remuneration, type of contract.
  • Additional benefits – all benefits and attractive extras that will make your offer worth attention.
  • A job advertisement – “sell” with text

If you are looking for, for example, a marketing specialist, Social Media, copywriter, and your company has a loose, non-corporate atmosphere, you can express it through a job advertisement. How you create the text will really make the offer attractive. Words and text are sold. It does not matter if you sell a car or offer a job. A well-thought-out concept of the announcement will quickly achieve the goal of finding an employee. So, directly ask the candidate, try to write something funny, use emoticons that evoke positive reactions. A person with experience in the industry knows exactly what duties he can expect when completing a given job. Therefore, emphasize more extra benefits if you offer them. What you can offer?

  • co-financing or financing foreign language lessons
  • possibility of remote work
  • catering or corporate breakfasts on a selected day of the week
  • coffee, fresh fruit in the company

specific time for self-improvement (eg Friday – three hours for reading substantive articles, learning new tools, programs – an increasingly popular method).

  • medical care
  • sports packages and entertainment packages
  • relaxation zone
  • access to industry magazines

Sounds attractive, right? Of course, these strengths can be used in the announcement only if you are actually able to offer them to an employee.

If the location of your office is an asset, do not forget to mention it. For employees from London, an important argument when choosing a job may be the location of the office outside of “Mordor” (communication difficulties, when the mass of corporate employees leaves the workplace). It is enough to mention that to attract the attention of additional people.

Where to place a job advertisement?

All of these tips regarding the interest of a potential employee are very important. Without them, your ad will simply be ineffective. We can not forget, however, about an extremely important element of searching for a job candidate, namely the place where we will place an advertisement. The best solution is to choose a large portal with job offers such as aplikuj.pl, which records thousands of visits a day. We then have a guarantee of reaching as many potential candidates as possible. Do not forget – we are a seller. Our task is to use the best channels to offer your “product”.